Thursday, 24 March 2011

Time to start again

Well I used to write this blog (same title, slightly different URL) up until May 2010 when Google took it down. I tried unsuccessfully since then to get the posts back with no luck for a while and I just just lost interest in it. I was content to not have one because I never really had that much spare time to write it. For me the blog became one of those things that I didn't miss until it was gone and in an attempt to procrastinate from doing the work I should be getting on with I decided to see what URLs were available on Blogger with a view to start writing again. That was nearly 6 months ago and now I'm eventually getting round to start writing again.

So maybe a little introduction is necessary as I didn't even write one previously. So my name is Warren and I'm a 23 year old from Leicester. I used to study Medical Science at Birmingham University, but in my time in Birmingham I became more and more interested in music. Since leaving the course in 2008 I took a year out and have now started a Music Tech degree at De Montfort Uni in Leicester in 2009. This is a degree I'm much more suited to and enjoy a lot more, so rather than treating it like an extension of school.

So there you have it, that's a bit of background. I will update on a fairly regular basis both with my thoughts on what's happening in music and as many live reviews as I can write from the concerts I go to. Oh I nearly forgot, I should really say what sort of music I like, but you will probably gather from the posts. Here it goes anyway, I like:

(Some) Rap

You can keep a watch on what I've been listening to that week on the chart from my Last FM profile on the right. It covers quite a variation, my favourite band is Radiohead with Arcade Fire pulling up in second place, but it's a bit all over the place as you will see. So that's enough about me, now to name of the blog. When I first created it The Huddle Formation, the track of the same name by The Go! Team was one of my favourite tracks, since then when I have thought about renaming it. I thought about what the term huddle formation meant to me in terms of music. I got thinking it's a pretty good description of the way the crowd always gathers at a concert.

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